Refuse Compression Collector

Update time:2020-04-22

The truck integrates the design advantages of all garbage trucks across the country and perfects the design flaws and disadvantages of original garbage truck. It has passed the demonstration and test of environmental sanitation professionals in society. It has reached the international advanced level, and its technical performance index and product quality take the leading position in China.


→Product parameters


Project name
QTH5070ZZZAQTH5071ZZZAQTH5072ZZZAQTH5074ZZZ Hydraulic Lifter gas Garbage TruckQTH5077ZZZQTH5078ZZZQTH5079ZZZQTH5083ZZZQTH5084ZZZ
Boundary dimension [L×W×H]mm5945x2255x26505145x2115x23855985x2220x25906160x2020x25906020x1900x26105870x2190x24506030x1980x26106350x2080x26306070x2270x2760
Chassis model
Engine model
Engineer powerkw858685849685859696
Cab configuration
Air conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditionerAir conditioner
Maximum vehicle speedkm/h110909995909999100100
Compartment Volumem38889999109
Max. gross masskg736073607360730073607360736082808280

→Product Introduction

Dump garbage truck is a combination of the advantages of the national garbage truck design, and perfects the design defects and deficiencies of the original garbage truck. After the demonstration and experiments of sanitation professionals in the society. It has reached the international advanced level in all aspects, and its technical performance indicators and product quality are in a leading position in China.