Road Washer


→Product parameters

 Road Washer

Project nameUnitQTH5073TXSQTH5162TXS
Boundary dimension [L×W×H]mm6445x1960x23408565x2470x3065
Chassis model
Engine model
WP3Q130E50ISD210 50
Engineer powerkw96155
Assistant engine model
Cab configuration
Air conditionerAir conditioner
Maximum vehicle speedkm/h9598
Operating speedkm/h3~103~15
Maximum operation pressureMPa1420
Sucker diametermm200200
Volume of garbage compartmentm337
Solution tank volumem34.58.5
Max. gross masskg736015800

→Product Introduction

The vehicle can be separately used as sweeping vehicle for road sweeping and pumping operations, used as high pressure washing vehicle for road washing and pumping operations, and used as washing and sweeping vehicle by integrating road sweeping pumping and high pressure washing, realizing various using choices, and thus meeting the various needs of different users. The vehicle can be widely used for the washing and cleaning operations of urban arterial road and viaduct. 

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