Road Sweeper


→Product parameters

 Road Sweeper

Project nameUnitQTH5070TSLAQTH5071TSLAQTH5079TSL
Boundary dimension [L×W×H]mm5695x1955x24005830x2060x24355810x2065x2520
Chassis model
Engine model
Engineer power kw968596
Cab configuration
Air conditionerWarm windAir conditioner
Maximum vehicle speedkm/h909595
Operating speedkm/h3~103~103~10
Maximum operation pressureMPa201420
Sucker diametermm200200200
Volume of garbage compartmentm33.54.54.5
Max. gross masskg736073607360

→Product Introduction

Wet-type road sweeper is an absorption type road cleaning equipment for dust fall with wet process. It integrates and optimizes all advantages of the current same vehicle model, and conducts the personalized design. It adopts the middle induced air inlet, enhancing the pumping effect, increasing the effective volume of garbage can, so it completes the cleaning of that day for once. 

Dry-type road sweeper is the new generation of road cleaning operation vehicle developed by our company according to our country’s actual national conditions. It uses the structural arrangement of “two middle sweep brush + wide suction mouth”, without dust precipitation by watering. It uses the overskirt to connect the sucking plate to the brush plate for preventing the secondary pollution. Pneumatic conveying uses the three-stage dust removal: stainless steel filter dust removal, centrifugal dust removal, filter element dust removal. It makes the vehicle structure become more compact, and dust removal operation is completed automatically, which can reduce the labor intensity of operators. Large road sweeper has the air duct conversion mechanism of cleaning operation under sunny day and rainy day. The vehicle can really realize the normal operation all day long all the year round. 

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